Food City Company

  • Tools & Distribution :
  • Food City Factory is considered the latest factory in the world due to having advanced tools, equipment and systems manufactured by companies like German BMA company, all these tools handle various operating conditions, achieve and document production process to ensure business continuity and food security for sugar. Food City Factory is ranked as the first sugar refinery in the Syrian Arab Republic operating fully central control system. Food City Factory is working with vertical cooking technology (VKT) that contributes to improve the productivity of the product up to 30%, and saves energy of up to 20%. The latest equipment in the factory classifies it the icon of sugar factories in the world.

  • Distribution :
  • The main priority to our sales team is to serve all customers in both public and private sectors in Syria, with a possibility to export our products through a fleet of trucks of more than 100 trucks covering all Syrian territories in addition to achieve a fully logistic capacity to export abroad.